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Old and New Photos

(If a photo-related board appears, admins feel free to move this there.)
One thing I love to do while hiking is taking photos. I know this can be a divisive issue for some, but to each their own.

One fun thing to do is to take a same-or-similar shot of something years apart. Sometimes things change a lot. Sometimes not at all. Anyone out there got anything like that? 🙂

Here are two shots of the same stony meadow at the edge of the alpine zone on the AT in NH's White Mountains, slightly more than ten years apart:



(Better gear and skill can also make a big difference. 😉 )

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Very nice!

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Unfortunately most of the "old" photos I have are in slide form and not easy to convert to JPEG.

On a related theme, here's a photo I took in the Stubai region in Tirol, Austria in September 2018. Note that someone has painted a rock at the bottom right to indicate where the glacier was in 1990. Yup, the glacier whose tongue can be seen at the top left of the photo. Unfortunately this is now a very typical situation in the Alps.



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