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Oboz insole rubbing arch of foot

I've been wearing Oboz Bridger Mid BDry Hiking Boots for a few months now and I've recently noticed that the arch area of the insole has been irritating the arch of my feet. Typically about 5 miles into my hikes, I start to feel the irritation. It hasn't created blisters but has formed hot spots which I proactively cover with moleskin. I had the shoes fitted for me at REI and also have synthetic socks that are tight-fitting. I noticed that the edge of the insole is somewhat rough/ragged in the arch area - maybe that is the source of the irritation? 

Has anyone else experienced this? What would you recommend doing to prevent the arch irritation? 

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@heather1 it's very likely that creases/wrinkles in the insole of the boot are causing the hot spots you're describing - that insole should be smooth and flat. You can replace the vendor insoles with after-market insoles (like Superfeet) although typically after-market insoles are significantly thicker than the vendor insoles and therefore change the fit and feel of the boot. So instead, you could either pull a pair of insoles from another shoe you own (like running shoes) and use them in your Oboz when hiking, or call/swing by your local REI store and see if they have extra vendor insoles - while they may not be the exact ones that came with your Oboz Bridgers, as long as they are the same length as your boot size, they will likely work just fine!

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Thank you @REI-JenK ! I'll swing by REI and find a solution!