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Morton's foot narrow boots

I had Limmers and even as an older person, my foot changed.  15 years on those boots and eventually had to get something softer on in the mid sole department. 

I love my Oboz.  on my second pair now.

However, with Morton's foot and a narrow foot to start, I can no longer use them because of the downhill toe torture.  I have a pair of Danner's which are narrow and the downhills are great.  But... these have zero ankle support compared to Limmers and Oboz.  

What brand/model would be good for both Narrow/mortons and has good ankle support?

After recent hikes of unusual conditions, I am using the Danner's with ankle supports.  The grip on these is a huge benefit. Oboz slide on wet VT rocks.



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I am not sure that ankle support from th boot is all that necessary- if your legs and ankle are conditioned.  This comes from my running days, when I was training for marathons entirely in low cuts, of course, and felt comfortable hiking in progressively lighter and less supportive shoes.

Now that is an amateur's opinion and experience.  I wonder what ahiking nd/or running podiastrist would say?

I have either been in good condition or very lucky.  I can't remember the last time I had ankle problems....


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