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Looking for recommendations for winter walking/hiking shoe or boot

Live in Minnesota and my walking routes are nearly all paved and paths are plowed. Hoping to find a shoe/boot that fits & feels like a sneaker but with some insulation and waterproof. This would be worn in 5 to 35 degree days. If the snow is more than two inches deep, I'd be wearing actual insulated winter boots and if it's colder than 5 above, probably my pac boots. I'm looking for a shoe/boot that acts more like a walking shoe/sneaker and not as stiff as an actual winter boot.  There's always some snow/slop/crud on the paths so anything offering decent winter traction would be great. Hoping for something lighter weight and less clunky than regular winter boot.  Male...68...210 pounds...wear medium weight wool socks and walk 2 to 4 miles daily.  Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

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Also Minnesotan, when I don't feel like putting on my full winter boots, I usually go for a pair of regular "summer" hiking boots. I think this would fit your desires well, with decent tread for traction, many waterproof options, and you can choose either a high-top style for heel support or a lower cut style to really be more sneaker-like. On days where it gets icier, you can always throw on a traction device like Kahtoola NANOspikes or EXOspikes.

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