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Looking for recommendations for hiking gloves

I hike in the NJ/PA area and as winter is approaching am looking for recommendations for a nice pair of gloves. I hike with poles so would prefer not having something too bulky. I also don't usually go out if the high isn't getting into the 30s so don't need anything too intense but the pairs I have are a bit lacking on those 30 degree days. I won't go out in the rain in winter either so water proofing doesn't really matter.

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Hi @TammyS! Ohhh, I have favorite gloves for this purpose! I have an older version but the new version looks awesome and I'm sure more like this will be added to the inventory. 

I recommend a Soft Shell Glove, like this: REI Soft Shell Gloves

I really love soft shell products for cooler weather even cold days. Because they are breathable and blocks the wind. I used to wear my Soft Shell gloves in the Chicago winter when I would run. It was perfect, if I was just hiking, I would just add a thin liner gloves. So, soft shell is great for when you are active: running, hiking...etc. Not super ideal for sitting outside in winter. I hope that makes sense and helps you decide if this would be a good fit for you!

Happy Hiking!

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