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Looking for recommendations for hiking clothing

Hi there,

I'm looking for the following:

1. socks for hiking, that very comfortable and dry fast.

2. sock for hiking in cold weather, like thermo socks. (32 farenheit)

3. t-shirt long-sleev, fast dry 

4. t-shirt long-sleev, thermo for hiking in cold weather (32 farenheit), fast dry

5. second layer protection sweater, light, for hiking in cold weather (32 farenheit)


thank you!



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hundreds and hundreds of options to chose from, and everyone has solutions.  Just pick some thermals, a waterproof jacket, a down puffy jacket, hat/gloves, pack your pack and get out there to start testing stuff.

You will go through a bunch of stuff before you fine the combination which works for you (and your budget), but you need to get on the trail to work it out.

good luck

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You should try everything polyester because it dries so quick like sport tek st350 Tee


1.  Darn Tough:

2.  Same as 1. 

3. Patagonia:

4.  Woolx:

5.  Woolx:

But you know that each person is a bit different, so you should try several vendors before settling down and purchasing.  No need to waist money 🙂 


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A lot of great insight and suggestions already but I'll add my own two cents.

First, I am 6', 200 pounds, and average build...

Socks? I love my Darn Tough crew socks and Injinji toe sock liners, paired with my Merrell Moab 2 vent shoes (I prefer the heavier-duty shoes over trail runners but not the bulkiness of boots)

My primary hiking shirt is my Outdoor Research Echo sun hoody. In warmer weather, that's all I wear (for  my shirt anyway). On cooler days, it then serves as my base layer with a fleece or shell on top.

For pants, if it's hot I am wearing my Trailhead shorts from Coalatree and, if it's cool enough for pants or where ticks are a huge threat, I wear my Trailhead pants (as you can surmise, I like the Coalatree stuff).

Other clothing I carry:

  • REI Ranier jacket
  • a puffer jacket (late Fall through early Spring for day hikes, all year if backpacking)
  • REI fleece beanie
  • a pair of glove liners (again, late Fall through early Spring if I'm just day hiking)
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Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

My favorite hiking/backpacking shirt is an NRS silkweight paddling shirt.  Comes in men's and women's versions!  UPF 50, hood or no hood, cool, quick drying, comfortable.  Helps keep me cool and comfortable in really hot weather.  I have several and love them all.

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Lots of good info here. I have picked up some great ideas. My favorite sock are Darn Tough merino, with a lean to the full cushion. Do not buy DTs unless your sock supply is extremely low. My preferred sock was the REI light hikers until I bought a pair of Darn Tough. I still like the REI sock, but when they are worn out, I will replace with Darn Tough. You will love the way the DT fits and massages your foot. I have worn other wool socks, but I will stick with REI and Darn Tough as long as they remain quality like they are.

I've spent a lot on socks over the years.  My favorite brand is Darn Tough.  In the summer they have a hiking sock that is cropped around the ankle, has cushioning and is a bit thinner.  I love their taller sock for winter hikes.


I absolutely love Darn Good Socks made in Vermont. I get the mid rise crew for women which is med weight I believe.

I have NEVER gotten a blister. They’re worth every penny and they’re cute too!



Well,you absolutely cannot go wrong with anything from Smartwool.I have been using their socks and baselayers since I was in Afghanistan way up in the Hindu Kush mountain Range.I have tremendous experience with their socks,and I can tell you that they’re comfortable,wick moisture away better than any other sock I’ve tried and eliminate odor better as well.Another benefit is they don’t wear out-ever.Seriously,I’ve worn these socks for two weeks at a time without washing and they hold up and don’t smell.Best ever.


Socks: Smartwool are by far the best. I also love darntough socks. Darntough are not as stretchy as Smartwool but will last forever.

tshirt: Icebreaker wool tshirt are my favorite. They tshirts are comfortable and quick drying. They make both short sleeve and long sleeve.

long sleeve shirts for winter: Smartwool 150 or 250 quarter zip long sleeve shirts are my favorite.

long sleeve hoody. By far the most comfortable and warm hoody is the north face campshire hoody.