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Looking for petroglyph locations

Looking for people to share petroglyph/pictograph locations in Southern Nevada, Southern California, and Southern Utah centered around Las Vegas. I have many to share that are off the beaten path.

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Hi @Alien702 - Thanks for reaching out! 

I have always loved visiting petroglyph sites! One of the neatest that I have seen is Newspaper Rock, which is on the way into Indian Creek in southern Utah. It is definitely not off the beaten path though. 

While not in your list of states, wandering around Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque was quite impressive too. 

Would love to hear about some amazing sites you have been able to visit!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

We have a newspaper rock in Southern NV out by Gold Butte with 3 other locations close by. Kohta circus is one that is amazing! The named spots in Southern NV(Google search type) are Sloan Canyon, Grapevine Canyon, Valley of Fire, Keyhole Canyon, Red Rock has some,(Brownstone)(Lone Grapevine Spring)(Petroglyph Wall)...Other places I have visited don't have a name and are more archaic in the rock art(8000 years old) I know about 13 spots around St.George/Cedar City area also...

I just some by Barker Dam in Joshua Tree that were great! I know there are a lot in the area, but I only saw the Barker Dam one.