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Looking for input on Osprey Day Hiking Packs

It is time to retire my 15 year old CamelPak hydration bag to something a bit larger with more features.  This past weekend I purchased the Osprey Stratos 36.  When I got home, I was disappointed with a few things.  Yes, it is hydration compatible, but it does not have a pass thru for my bladder tube.  There are not many places outside of the bag to hang safety gear, such as carabiners and a compass.  I'm not impressed with the number of pockets.  And, the bag feels more like a multiday, rather than a day hiking (10-15) mile bag.  For a weekend warrior pack, I'd likely get a dedicated pack.  

I've been looking at the Manta 24.  Any input would be appreciated.  Are there other suggestions?  I'd like to stay with Osprey for the warranty.

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Pretty sure the Stratos 36 does have a pass thru for a bladder tube.  It is in the center between the shoulder strap under an elastic cover that says H2O.  The cover allows you to direct the tube either left or right.

If you are looking for a pack with a gear ladder on the shoulder straps, Osprey doesn't make one as far as I can tell.  This is not a common feature on packs in general for some reason.

The only pack they have that has a gear ladder on the pack is the Skarab hydration pack although they claim Archeon "travel" pack does but its hard to say where from the pictures.

I would have recommend the REI Traverse 35 but they redesigned it as the Traverse 32 this year, presumably to make it lighter but deleting its best features so I'm less impressed.  Still might be worth a look.   The REI "Trail" packs are also worth a look...although the full zipper that is not "protected" by the compression strap gives me pause.

While it is a selling point,  personally I would not restrict based on the warranty for a $100 item.  It's just not life changing enough.



I having been using the stratos24 for several seasons and I like it. It has plenty of space for everything needed for 6-10 mile hike, it is bladder-compatible and carries the Osprey quality. It is a bit heavy but it’s  the most comfortable of any pack I’ve had. Putting it on is a pleasure, like seeing an old friend. 
One thing it does really well is to carry walking sticks when giving them a rest. I have a shoulder replaced and the stratos never aggravates that situation. 


@Evol1 - I add this to my Osprey daypack it works well on any pack.



Thanks for the link, i just ordered the mountain cord for my day pack. I’ve been looking for a setup like that for some time.


I've enjoyed using the REI Co-op Trail 25 Pack for day hikes.  Hydration compatible and internal frame plus a good price.  Hope you find a good one!

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I just picked up the Gregory Zulu 30 as a new daypack. The warranty isn't quite as good as Osprey - Gregory does have a lifetime warranty but excludes normal wear and tear and intentional misuse - but the pack itself is great.

But, like you, warranty was important. If you are loyal to the Osprey brand (which I get, because I am loyal to Gregory) and the lack of external anchor points are the only missing thing, I'd definitely check out those add-on clips that @Karenc13 mentioned.

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Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

I almost went with the Osprey and got a 28L Patagonia pack instead.  Lots of storage with multiple compartment PLUS the hole for the hydration tube!