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Looking for good hiking Pants

Hello! I am headed to Colorado in Sept and looking for some decent hiking pants that are decent with cooler weather. I'm trying to stay under 100$ because I have a few other things to get. Looking for moisture wickening and maybe slightly water proof?

Thanks, Caleb

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Hi @MrReeceCMA ,

I am partial to the Outdoor Research Ferrosi, or Equinox pants.  Both are available in a convertible version.  REI carries a lot of Outdoor Research products, but it appears they don't have either of these currently.  You could probably have your local REI store special order them, or buy them direct online.

In-store at REI, and similar to the OR products mentioned above, you could try the Prana Stretch Zion, also available in a convertible version.  These seem to be pretty popular, but I've not tried them myself.

And, to give some credit to an REI competitor (sorry REI), the Eddie Bauer Guide-Pro pants are also a favorite of mine.  Also available in a convertible, and a lined version.

All of these seem to fit your criteria.  They are slightly stretchy, water resistant, and quick-dry.  I personally do not use any of the lined versions for cold weather.  I prefer to layer up with a good wool or synthetic base-layer.  This is much more versatile, especially if you're in an area with wide temperature swings.

Hope this helps.  Good luck with your selections and enjoy your trip!

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Would 100% recommend the Prana Zion Stretch pants. I have two pairs of them and they’re the most comfortable/durable hiking pants I’ve ever owned. 


The Kuhl Renegade convertible have been my favorite.  

My go-to hiking pants are from Eddie Bauer. Their Guide-pro/first ascent pants are affordable, quick drying and comfortable.  They fit me better than any other brand I have tried.  While I wish the leg pocket was a little deeper, my iphone stays put during the most strenuous hikes providing easy access when needed.  They cost around $80 but often go on sale.  Sorry REI.  


Hi @MrReeceCMA !

I live in my Trailhead pants from Coalatree. They’re water and stain resistant, incredibly comfortable, and light. 

They also have drawstrings at the ankles. Great to help with tick prevention. However, they’re only available from their website. But, I liked the pants so much I bought the shorts as well.


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Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

I second Kuhl Renegades.  The price is at your top, but I’ve had a pair for eight years that have been to rocky summits.  And back.  Repeatedly.  


I love my Royal Robbins trail pants. Comfortable, well made and quick to dry, they are great for a variety of outdoor activities. They are my favorite trail pant that I have tried so far. I got mine at REI but they don't seem to be available on the site currently. They are really great.