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Looking for advice on a hiking/camping pack.

I am looking for a good camping pack that needs to last at least 3 days of light use. Mainly just carrying clothing, a sleeping bag, and maybe an axe on the side. I'm looking at the Mystery Ranch scree 32 right now. My uncle also has a yearly trip in the Minnesota/Canada area in late summer which is a lot of trekking, paddling, and camping. Would the MR scree 32 be good for an adventure like that or another?

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Thanks for reaching out!

It sounds like you're on the right track with the Mystery Ranch Scree 32 Pack. While a pack that size would normally be fairly small for a three day trip, if you're not carrying food, water, tent, stove, and fuel in the pack then that size should work just fine. We would advise you to be sure that your sleeping bag will fit, that will likely take up the most room in the pack. One great feature of the Mystery Ranch Scree 32 pack is that is has the ability to hook and strap on other items (like an axe) if needed. While you don't want to overload the pack with too much weight (the frame is a sheet of HDPE), it is nice to have the option to add gear if necessary.

If you're concerned about space, we encourage you to check out a couple of other packs that will give you a bit more room:

When you get up above the 40 liter size in a backpack, however, it becomes pretty large for day trips or travel, if that is something you are considering. We did notice that one of the reviewers of the Mystery Ranch pack said they appreciated how it fit easily in the overhead compartment of an airplane.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

My opinion is that a slightly larger pack will be more versatile.  It is easier to size down that to size up

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Hi John, thank you for the response and advice. After talking with my uncle, it is more so going to look like a 3-5 day trip that we will be going on up at the Boundary Waters. A lot of people recommend canoe packs for something like that. I would also just like to have a do all pack though, especially since a trip like this won't be a constant thing for me. I plan to do a lot more camping and bushcrafting than canoeing with my pack and such. Thank you again