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looking for a fellow female hiking partner

Hi,  My friends and family are always nagging me to not hike alone in the back country trails...but I have always loved the peace and solitude that comes with being alone.  But as an older woman I should try to see if there is a like minded woman who also would like a partner as well.  I am an experienced hiker, very independent, fit and healthy.  I enjoy trails that have few hikers on them and I can usually hike between 6 to 13 miles in a day.  Some of my favorite trails are Trapper Creek, Elk Creek, Salmon River, Quartz Creek, Dumbbell & Sandy Lakes Loop, Enchantments, and the lakes in the Indian Haven Wilderness, just to name a few...

I look forward to any replies, questions or comments.

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Hi @gabriellehiker45 - Thanks for reaching out! It looks like a lot of your favorite hikes are around Washington state. Are you looking for local hiking partners or are you open to a wider area? We could move your post to the Washington state board if it's the former. 

Hopefully some other community members will weigh in with their comments and suggestions too.


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@gabriellehiker45, we are going to post your e-mail response here so other hikers can see it. 

"I am open to Oregon hikers and southern Washington hikers.  Prefer a like minded woman hiking partner. Thanks"

Another resource that has been recommended by community members is, where you might be able to find fellow women also looking hiking partners.

Hopefully this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

While hiking with a partner is wise, it is not always convenient.  One thing you might consider if you are not already using one is a Garmin InReach.  While not exactly cheap,  it allows you to share your location and track with family and friends and gives you the ability to summon help should you run into difficulties whether or not you have cell phone service.  While it is not quite the same as having a person immediately available it can go a long way to quieting the concerns of others and can be a life saver if an emergency did occur, not just for you but for incidents you might come across.

Assuming you both have one it can also be useful if you hike with another person at the same time but not necessarily together since it allows you to communicate along the trail. 


I second @OldGuyot on the Garmin InReach.  I have one for basically the same reason (my wife and family did not like me doing longer backpacking trips solo) and it's given both them and me piece of mind.  Definitely not cheap but, I think, well worth it. 

I have started hiking with a partner on my last two outings and, while the company can be nice, I do think there is benefit (for me) in still doing at least some solo trips to get my mind right.  

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Hi, I’m not necessarily looking for a hiking partner, but I could be open to trying out a hike or two with you.  🙂

I’m a mid-40s woman hiker/backpacker who also prefers very low-traffic trails and some solitude. I do pause for photos/video sometimes and I don’t like to rush, especially when I’m trying to “take it all in” at particularly beautiful locales. 

I’m currently less fit and healthy than I usually am, but I’ve been hitting the trail the last few weeks and can do at least 6 miles without trouble. I’m probably less experienced, but I’m always happy to learn new things from folks with more experience.

I seem to be in your general area because some of my favorite trails are up on Mount Adams and in various parts of Gifford Pinchot NF/Mount St Helens.

Let me know what you think.