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Interested in Leki walking/hiking poles

Badly out of shape between age, arthritic knees and Covid restrictions on my public pool access.

Want to purchase some poles...have zeroed in on Leki Legacy Lite Cor Tec pole pair.   Just can't seem to find if it is useful (i.e. has any rubber tips or other attachments) for use in urban environments (I will need to work my way up...).  Does anyone in the community know if this product has that versatility?  And do any of you have this product and would you recommend it?  If not, what would be your best recommendation?  My friend told me the poles should have shock absorbers, also.







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You can do well with a much cheaper assemblage - try a repurposed broomstick.  That is how I  began forty years ago and a shovel handle worked just fine, modified slightly with a hole at one end for a lanyard.  Used this rig for the first time on a four day trip, crossing the Gila Wilderness from east to west.  I have been a walking staff fan ever since.

I currently have a hiking staff with a shock absorber - utterly useless, especially if your elbow can flex.  The main advantage of the current generation of poles is their adjustability, especially shortening them for storage.  A broom handle is cheap, strong, and doesn't need a rubber tip.

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