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How do I pick the right size in insoles?

So it turns out that I needed to buy a new set of hiking boots because they were just too small and were not giving enough room for my toes. I decided to go with the solomans and I wanted to get some insoles. I'm getting a 7.5 shoes. I'm wondering if insoles are not sold in half sizes, what size insole should I buy if I am getting 7.5 shoes? Should I go for 7 or 8?

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@Suzannc21 Congratulations on your new pair of hiking boots! Getting a pair of aftermarket insoles is a great way to dial in a proper shoe fit and increase your comfort while on trail. Insoles are manufactured in size ranges instead of specific shoes sizes. You simply need to purchase an insole that has your shoe size within its range. 

For example, Superfeet Green Support Insoles in size "C" will work for size US women's 6.5 - 8. 

Place your shoe's original insole on top of your newly purchased insole and trace the outline. With a pair of scissors, trim the excess material for the most accurate fit. This video is a great visual demonstration. 

This Expert Advice Article will also help you to choose the best insole for you! I hope this information is helpful and helps to make your feet happier!

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@REI-Stefan-D What if I'm thinking about getting insoles from SOLES?

I am on this page and they dont have the option to choose from a range size as you mentioned earlier, and can only choose on my shoe size. I have a 7.5 shoe. What would you recommend? 



@Suzannc21 Great Question! Buy the size women's 8 insole and trim them down to size as well. Just be careful not to trim them too short!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@Suzannc21 in addition to the helpful advice from @REI-Stefan-D, we wanted to share another thread in the community from just a few days ago about picking insoles that might also be helpful! 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.