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How do I pick the right length trekking poles for my height?

Hi I’m looking at black diamond alpine flz trekking poles 

I’m about 5’8 I’m 5’7 and something quarters lol I don’t know why I’m having such a moment looking at the sizes...

105-125cm or 120-140cm

i think I would need the 105-125cm but for some reason I’m confused could you help?

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@Claudia1212 you have it right! For your height, you'll size the poles between 110-120cm. Hope that helps!

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Thank you! 🙂


@Claudia1212Hi Claudia!  Keep in mind that there are times you may certainly want to expand your pole length a tad more than your normal everyday walking routine.

When hiking down a really steep incline, being able to expand your poles is a fantastic way to use them to keep your balance without resorting to having your arms stretched all the way out to get them to gain purchase with the ground (as when walking downhill the ground is below your feet)

Conversely, when hiking up a steep incline, you can shorten your poles to keep your arms at a natural position.

It only takes a sec to adjust the poles either way, and makes a HUGE difference, which I think sometimes we all forget about.


good luck

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Thank you 🙂


@Claudia1212, We are the same height.  I tried a fixed length trekking poles but found that I encountered some challenges depending on what I was doing on the hike (e.g. crossing streams, major uphills, crevasses, etc.)

So, I switched to a adjustable poles.  I prefer aluminum.  Due to my frame and weight, I was having problems with the carbon fiber poles.  And aluminum poles can be a little less pricey.


Thank you 🙂 i appreciate the input