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How do I identify women's hiking boots on the REI website that are crampon compatible?

Dear REI Employee,

As I am coursing the pages of your website's offerings for women's hiking boots, I am wondering how will it be designated which boots can be paired with crampons for a multi-surface, multi-temperature hike?



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@MissTina Great question!

In my experience the sound that crampons make is pretty negligible, particularly given all the other noise one makes on the trail. When you put the crampons on your boots, they should be snug enough that they don't 'jingle' too much or make shaking noises. They may add some noise (scraping on ice or rock, an occasional clank of metal on another hard surface), but I don't think it will be enough to impact your ability to see wildlife. 

In my experience, seeing wildlife is more about being prepared, observant, and going at the right time of day. If you're able to find a place where you can stop and observe for periods of time that is helpful as well.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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Yes, it was the best!  I was so glad the storm moved in and gave me a great snowy experience to use my crampons!  I couldn't have asked for better weather!!!!  I couldn't have received better help from you guys here, too.  I thought of you guys when the snow balling occured under my shoes and between my crampons; however, they were desirable in that they were like high heels and took the pressure off my burning calves by changing the angle upon which my foot struck the ground.  Not too stable mind you, but I was so sore from the ascent down two days before that I was grateful for the pain relief in my calves!  Thanks again for everything, including the encouragement.  Hope to see you on the trails!!!  Be well and stay COVID free!