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How do I fix a vibration in my Hiking poles?

I bought a pair of women’s trekking poles for $99.00 at Rei yesterday and they vibrate. Is there something I need to tighten or do I need to get a different model?

thank you. 

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Hi @jayneo,

Great question! The vibration in your poles could be the result of a couple of things. The pole material can have a big impact on vibration, where aluminum poles will vibrate more than carbon fiber. Some aluminum poles will a shock absorbing feature to compensate for the vibrations. Thicker poles with adjustability will also be more stable than thinner poles, like fixed length ones.

Besides materials and features, two more factors that can affect it are the the ground the poles are used on, and the overall pole length. If you are using your poles on hard ground, trekking pole tips can help. If your poles are extended close to or at their maximum length, they can end up vibrating more than if they are not fully extended and there is more overlap between sections. As a result, poles that can adjust to a longer length will be more stable.

The best solution for me is to use a carbon fiber pole. I find them more stable than poles with a shock absorbing feature. I hope this helps!

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@jayneoHi there!, it's been a month are they still vibrating?  very weird.  I like the rubber tips idea.  Does it happen on both concrete and dirt?

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Repurposed mop handles have no issues with vibration and provide very fine support.  Their cost is quite reasonable......

Lately I have been using my trekking poles extensively, typically one at a time, as I recover from hip replacement surgery.  My most used pol cost less than $20, adjusts well, and does not vibrate.  It looks nicer than a mop handle, but the mop handle provides equally dependable support.

I have been using trekking poles of various sorts for the last forty years or so, and they really come in handy, especially when fording streams. But you don't need to spend a lot of money to get something that is perfectly satisfactory.   Rant off.....

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