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How can I get a pack repaired?


 I have used Osprey Backpack Quantum. The pockets on both sides were torn.  I asked for repair in Korea Osprey Agent , it was about $30, which is too expensive. Give advice on what to do...!

I live in South Korea, Seoul.


Thank you

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@Hyengik thanks for reaching out; sorry to hear your pack has a few tears. We typically recommend working with a company called Rainy Pass in the Seattle area, although this is likely going to be more expensive than the quote you already received, once you factor in shipping and the repair. The only other suggestion we have would be to try to repair on your own, using duct tape or the nylon patch from this tent repair kit and the instructions on fabric repair in this Expert Advice article. Maybe other community members have other ideas?

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@Hyengik Thank you for reaching out. I have a field repair story that might help. I have a pack that I love dearly, and on a recent excursion a mouse found its way to where my pack was hanging and made a hole in one of the mesh side pockets. I have pictures!20200715_092715.jpg20200715_092708.jpg

All I had on me at the time was Gear Aid Tenacious Tape, so I taped the outside and inside, leaving the hole open so that the two sides of tape could stick to each other. I know a lot of people who have had equal luck with tent patches. Unfortunately I lost the tape that I had on by the end of the trip because of heavy rain on the last day. When I got home, I re-taped the pocket and used Gear Aid Repair Adhesive to seal the edges of the tape and so far this has worked out very well for me. What I learned from this experience is that whatever repair you make needs to be weatherproof. If you use a patch or tape, find a waterproof adhesive that you can apply to prevent rain or humidity from weakening the strength of your repair. Best of luck in your repair and future adventures!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@Hyengik I have one more option for you! You should try taking it to a tailor or someone who does alterations for clothing. They can probably stitch it for you quickly and inexpensively. It may not look like it did when it was new, but it will be a permanent repair. Another option is a place that does shoe repair - though admittedly these are getting harder to find as fewer people get shoes repaired! People who specialize in shoe repair - in the United States they are called cobblers - are great at working with harder, and thicker materials like canvas and leather. They are also good at fixing zippers! Give those a shot and see if they can help you out. 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@Hyengik I would recommend looking into the warranty on that product "the Almighty" warranty.  See link:


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