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Hiking with Hypertension

Hello everyone! I'm wondering if anyone else has a question like this but here goes! Overall I know that hiking (any exercise really) is really good for folks with high blood pressure but I'm wondering about how you might balance the need for replenishing salt with the fact that I really have to avoid a high-salt diet (i.e. most dehydrated pre-packaged food is out. 2000mg is my limit on a regular ole day stuck in the office living a non-outdoorsy life). I've had this discussion with my doctor already but they seemed pretty skeptical about how rigorous even just a day hike would be (I'm a sweater, folks) let alone backpacking. I should probably consult with another health professional but just wondering how folks in the community might deal with that balancing act, especially if you are training for your first backpacking adventure, like me! Thanks 😁

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@MagicToolbox 100% agree, Dr shopping is not the way to go.  Sometimes consulting with a specialist may be beneficial in addition to your PCP.  It doesn't discount real life experience of the OP or the advice given by other posters based on their real lived experiences.  I think it was more cautionary, which is in itself good advice.

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100% talk to another professional, someone familiar with massive exertion activities, maybe a sports doc.

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