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Hiking Shoes for Arthritic Knees

Hello, I'm 58 years-old, in good health and exercise regularly. However, I have arthritis in both knees (no cartilage in my right knee) and need to find the right hiking shoes. Any suggestions? 




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I am unaware of any shoes that specifically will help with arthritic knees.  I am 84 and my knees tell me they are wearing out.  I have found that compression sleeves are a benefit, as is stretching and warming up, but eventually it will come to knee replacement. My younger rother just had his second knee switched.

Be sure and specify the Backcountry Model......

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Thank you very much for your helpful advice!  I will check out compression sleeves.

Thanks again!



40+ year half marathon runner and knee repairs on both (maniscus), but am hiking happier, healthier and pain free this season ... after knee surgeries 10 years ago, physical therapy fixed my poor core condition - I now spend 1/2 time conditioning on core (not just legs).

But, if my feet are happy, my knees are usually happy.  Find shoes that work for you.  I'm a Topo fan due to toe-box and minimal heal drop - I carry a compression sleeve even when backpacking but have not used in the last 200 miles hiking.

So ... work your core, keep your feet happy, and treat your knees like wife #2 & 3 - when they speak, you listen!  Wobbly knees are a sign core is weak 🙂

Excellent advice! I will check out Topo. Thanks!


Look for something that provides adequate and appropriate support. Are you pronating? Is every step sending a shockwave up your leg into your knee because there's too little padding in the heel? I can feel the difference when my insoles or the heels of my shoes are worn, whether I'm hiking or just walking around the mall.

Generally, avoid running shoes, if you're not running... they're designed for completely different impacts on your feet.

You may want to find a shoe store that sells orthotic shoes, or possibly ask your orthopedist for advice.



Thank you, Dave, very much. I have a great orthopedist and will contact him.