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Hiking, second layer protection and thermal clothing

Hi there!,


i want to hike volcanos, and in my country the coldest is 14 degrees farenheit, i need the following:


1. thermal long-sleve shirt to go to sleep in tent. As first layer protection.

2. thermal pants to go to sleep in tent. As first layer protection.

3. Second layer protection sweater. I already have third layer protection jacket for this, so i need like a light sweater under my jacket.


thanks a lot!

3 Replies

Sounds great!  I think you can check their web site for great options.

good luck!

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@jplopez Suggest Smartwool 250 merino wool base layer or REI merino wool base layer unless you have a wool allergy.  These are mid weight so maybe not enough for the arctic but I think warm enough for what you are looking for...depending on your sleep system of course.

A fleece jacket or hoody is best for active use.  I prefer zipped rather than a pullover even if it is under an outer jacket.   For evenings you are probably going to want to add a down puffy of some sort.

Think of getting an alpaca hoodie.  It can be used as a mid-layer and keeps you warm.  Alpaca is really warm and doesn't stink after a couple day's on the trail...



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