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Hiking in Iceland

Hey everyone! Has anyone done any hiking in Iceland? My husband and I are planning a trip there for our 5th wedding anniversary, if everything goes as planned (fingers crossed). We were looking for some recommended hikes or even other places to see. Thanks a bunch! Wish you all the best and stay safe!



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Hi @BekaHikes !  I have flown through Iceland, but haven't had the opportunity to hike there...yet.  It is definitely on my bucket list.  And my son has planned a trip there this July.  If he hasn't read this yet, I am tagging @Philreedshikes to chime in.  He was there recently and has some great hiking info to share.


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@BekaHikes We went to iceland last June - it was fantastic.  The couple 'hike's' we did were to the Glymur waterfall - which you can hike all the way up and over and back down if you're willing to make a full day of it.  great hike and great drive to get out to the trailhead.  (virtually every journey is beautiful in iceland though).  Also we freewheeled it in Thorsmark for our last day before needing to head to the airport.  We drove out the 261 - you need 4 wheeler, and we had a couple hair raising river crossings, but made them all.  there are fingers of the iceberg coming down in spots and we hiked up a canyon to an incredible waterfall inside a 'cave.'  Research landmannalaugar - we wanted to do this but couldn't fit it in our itinerary.  Good luck


@BekaHikes we had a great thread a while back here in the community about Iceland - you can read it here!

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thanks @Rob6 

@BekaHikes, I just looked at the link below, lots of stuff.

Our trip was 'straight-up' backpacking.  We flew to Reykjavik, stayed at Hostels International, then took a bus to the Trail head to do the 5 day Laugavegur (hot springs) route.

Absolutely everything and every question is answered by websearches.  I just try to be discerning about folks just trying to sell something vice give information.

Probably the most valuable website leading up to the trip was the iceland national weather service, pin-pointing a vary accurate forecast for our days on the trail.

I have two videos which imo are worth a thousand words.


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Backpacking Icelands famous Laugavegur Trail, from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork. July 1-5, 2019