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Hiking Footwear - Wider Toebox

My forefoot seems to have widened in the past year, but not my heel, so I don't think I want an overall wide shoe.  On my hike last weekend my feet really hurt.  As I look at new hiking boots are there certain brands that have a wider forefoot/ toebox?

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Altra promotes that as one of its advantages. I'm on my second pair of Altra boots. They're the most comfortable I've ever worn. Ironically, they're also the hardest to put on. I have to loosen the laces about halfway down to get my feet in, but once they're in the boots are extremely comfortable. I've worn them for 20 mile hikes without foot fatigue.

Thank you @JoBu 


+1 on Altra.  

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I third the Altra motion. I love my Lonepeak 4.5s. The only thing that I would warn you about (I don't think I'm the only one that had this issue but I've been wrong before.) is when I first got them, I really had to put some miles on them before my Achilles wasn't torn to shreds by the weird angle of the heel of the shoe. I threw some leuko on my achilles and hit the trail and now they are perfectly fine and they are probably my favorite trail shoe that I have ever used. Good luck!

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Thank you @johnt and @madefromstraw.