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Hiking boot suggestions for Alaska and Oregon

I live in Portland OR but am going to visit Fairbanks AK in March. I am looking for a pair of boots that I can use for hiking in Oregon but I can also wear when I visit Alaska. Appreciate any advice that you could give me on getting something that is both waterproof and warm. I also have a wide foot.

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Hopefully, we have some folks here who can add some specific thought and opinions on type of boots.  Have you gone to your local outdoor stores (including your local REI stores)?  There seems to be quite a few in Portland. OR.   Have you looked on the web?  And, are you just hiking in Alaska?

I find that boots and shoes are a personal choice just as much as the technical design.  I used the same hiking boot here in Ohio as I did in my one trop to Northeast new Mexico.  My friend on that same hike found his hiking boots were two sweaty for New Mexico and turned to his trail runners (and was just fine with trail runners).  I am also aware of someone who pretty much hikes and backpacks wearing flipflops.  Not sure I would.  All sorts of personal thoughts and preferences out there.

Check out the stores (including REI) and good luck



Based on your size, Merrell are awesome (i'm a 14 Wide).  I've heard good from Salomon as well.  

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