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Hiking/backpacking in southwest Ohio?

Alright, I'm fairly new to Ohio...and I'm looking for some recommendations.  I think I was spoiled with hiking and backpacking out West and in the Smokies.  What are some good backpacking or hiking locations in Ohio?  For day hikes, I prefer 6-14 mile loops with a few scenic destination points on the way.  For backpacking, I'm mostly interested in options for 1-3 night trips so I can schedule around work.  Thanks!

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@swimjohn There are not a lot of long trails in SW Ohio. One of the parks that's good for dayhiking, however, is John Bryan State Park in Yelllow Springs.

If you were into bikepacking, however, that region of Ohio boasts nearly 400 miles of paved off-road bike trails, connecting Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati with hundreds of points in between.