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Hiking Backpack for long torso

I'm a heavier guy with a long torso and I'm looking for a better pack than what I've got. My current pack is adjustable to 20" and that's just not long enough. The hipbelt sits above my hips and I have to bring it down below my stomach to clasp comfortably (comfortably probably isn't the right word). It doesn't transfer enough weight on to my hips.

Now I've found a few packs for longer torsos, but there's no way to sort for that criteria on the site. Also, most of the packs I have found for longer torsos are wrong for me in one of two ways. They are gigantic capacity, 65L up to 95L. I really would prefer something in the 35-50 range, I'm only a day trip hiker. The other fail is I need one with zip access to the main compartment as I'm a photographer, and top only access makes getting to photo equipment incredibly challenging and slow.

There are a number of photo oriented backpacks out there, but none have torso lengths in their specs and they are not adjustable for torso length. Considering most hiking packs are too short, one can presume the camera bags will be as well, so I think a hiking pack with a camera insert will suit me best.

tl:dr I need a backpack with at least a 22"torso length and zipper access to the main compartment, preferably in the 35-50L capacity.

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Hi @Mdnghtphnx - I feel your pain. My torso is 21½" and finding packs was not easy. FWIW, no site (REI or manufacturer sites) allow you to sort by specific torso lengths. Would make life easy, that's for sure.

For a day pack, I just picked up the Gregory Zulu 30. It adjusts to my size and is really comfortable. It's a bit smaller than your preferred size of 35L but it's close.

And, yes, for my full size pack I ended up with a 65L because that was one of the smaller ones that would fit me.

Hope this helps

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