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Help - sleeping pad deflating

Please help! I’m thru-hiking the Appalachian trail and on my first night out my Nemo tensor pad lost half its air and I’m having to blow it back up through out the night. Can you please help me somehow 

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You can inflate it and slowly push down on it and place your head near the pad. Listen for air hissing out and/or place your hand above it to feel for air. If that doesn't work after you've gone over the whole pad, when you are near a still pond, blow up the pad and place it in the water. Push on it and see if you can find air bubbles coming out. Or if you're in town, you can do that in a tub.

Hopefully you'll find it. I returned my Nemo Tensor because I had the same issue and no matter what I did, I couldn't find the hole.

In the morning, fill it up and listen for air leaking ....if you can't find it, try pouring water on it and seeing if there are bubbles.  If found, use patch kit or tenacious tape to cover the hole after drying.  Either way, I'd get in touch with the company you bought it from and see if they can emergency send one to a stop just ahead of you.  Most hostels will support this.  Good luck...

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that's truly awful!  I'd say just return it, but if you're on the AT, you may have to just buy a new one at your next resupply.

but I'm wondering, you said you just started the AT, on 11 Aug?  Or you started back in April, and it's been leaking for 4 months, or you just bought it and it just started leaking?

You might get great advice from the dozens and dozens of folks you're seeing at shelters every night.  Maybe a weekend hiker will swap-out with you.

If you're on the internet and getting service, I'd order a new pad and have it sent to my next resupply post office.

good luck

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