Gear In Review : Leki Trekking Poles

Of all the pieces of gear that I've purchased in the last six years, my Leki Lhasa Lite AS Trekking Poles are by far one of the best purchases I ever made. The story of how they came into my hiking life is, like many others, tied to the day I agreed to be an adult leader for my son's Scout trip to Philmont Scout Ranch. Please take a moment to read the review on my blog and let me know if you've got questions. 

Ruth's Blue Marble Blog : Gear Review

P.S. I know that these poles are no longer sold, but I will stand by the Leki brand. They've made some great upgrades to the product. For those looking for a sturdy pole, I recommend the aluminum options. If you are looking to shave weight and are ok with a bit more chance of breakage, go for the carbon options.

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