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Favorite hiking app?

Hi folks,

What are your favorite hiking apps? I’ve been pretty happy with Gaia for tracking my hikes and accessing trail maps (and it seems more accurate than Runkeeper, which I was using previously). But I recently saw someone’s hike on a Relive video and I did like the 3D flyover and photos. Unfortunately Gaia isn’t one of their partners. I’d love to hear what you’re using!


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I love the REI trails apps, since you can download the trail ahead of time, and it provides useful distance and elevation histograms and can accurately depict where you are along the trail. However, for true navigation I find that a dedicated GPS unit/Topo map (from Greentrails, Custom Correct, CalTopo, or others)/Compass/Altimeter are still the most useful in all situations. Gaia is useful for GPS tracks too, if thats something you're interested in.

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I just wanted to say thanks to this conversation. I somehow never found out about REI's app, and I'm excited to try it. (Apps, I should say. Here's a link.)

(And various free or cheap offline-topo-map location-aware apps have been a huge step forward in navigating trails for me. My smartphone for them doesn't even have a service contract, but the GPS chip works just fine. Also, I have a legacy "CityMaps2Go" app that is quite good for urban stuff.)


I love all trails, it has so many features. but my favorite is the "lifeline" feature. it will allow some one to see what map you are on and where you are on the map at all times. It also periodically reports an update of where you are as well so they have a time frame when you were in your last location just in case something were to happen.  and it's only $20 for the whole year for full accesses!

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AllTrails is what I use as well.


I've been using Endomondo for years. You can set it to record any number of different types of exercise. I mostly use it for hiking. It shows all the important stats, as well as a map of the route you just did. 


While it has limited usability for hiking exclusively, Fatmap is an incredible tool for long hikes, backcountry and resort skiing, mountain biking, etc. High-res, 3D maps, visual elevation profiles, and more.


I use AllTrails and OnXHunt and I download the maps before I go. 

AllTrails allows me to upload awesome pics and track my progress.

The OnXHunt app allows for multiple devices so I share the subscription with my husband.  OnXHunt shows the private/public lands which is handy if you're out in the woods.

If I'm hiking along the PCT I like to use Guthook; it shows water sources, campsites and all kinds of good info.


I use Gaia for most of my navigational stuff. Beyond that I like having Peak Visor with the local area downloaded to be able to quickly orient myself as well.  

If you're heading to Colorado, then I would also recommend COTrex, which the state of Colorado put together and provides a ton of information about Colarado trails.


There are so many! Each has some really great features.

  1. Gaia
    Here's the deal. One of the most advanced mapping options out there. More than 100 map options. Even classic 1930's Topo. I don't dig the app interface. BUT that is just my opinion. I use Gaia in conjunction with my Garmin 66i.
  2. Alltrails
    I use it as one of my tools. I like the map building interface. I like the tracking. 
  3. REI Hiking Project
    This app has legs. It will only get better when people contribute.

Alltrails by far. Free app,  plenty of trail searches with current reviews, works great on the trail with GPS, and can download the trail for deep back woods.