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Does anyone have advice for squeaking Super Feet insoles?

Hi ALL! Does anyone know how to keep your SUPER FEET from squeaking?

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I don't.  My Superfeet or other insoles have never squeaked.  Some shoe just squeak and it may be the shoes rather than the insoles. 

I suspect most squeaking issues with modern shoes is caused by glued layers where the glue does not bond the whole surface leaving an air pocket that can leak.  This forms a kind of whoopee cushion.  But that is speculation on my part.  Generally there is no easy way to fix this except to get different shoes if it bothers you enough.  Sometimes it indicates that the shoe is worn out and needs replacing anyway.   Resoling may help but that is a very mixed bag with modern shoes. 

It may be possible for shoes to squeak were the pieces of the uppers join if the sewing is not tight or is not glued or the glue fails and there might be some hope of fixing that with glue or shoe polish or sewing depending on the shoe.

A possible issue with insoles is that they are cut a little long.  They need to be short enough to allow them to move slightly into the toe as the shoe bends. If they are too long them may push against the sides of the shoe which possibly could cause a squeak but generally I have found it just make the insoles uncomfortable.




Thanks for reaching out!

Believe it or not, this can be a common problem for after market insoles. While it can vary from one user to another, generally the squeaking noise comes from the plastic on the bottom of the insole rubbing against the rubber of the bottom of the shoe. Often times this can be exacerbated by moisture (sweat, rain, etc) in the shoe. Making sure that your footbed is trimmed correctly to minimize movement is a good start, however, sometimes it requires some additional steps. Here are two options that may work for you:

  1. Adding a little talcum powder under the insole. This can help with moisture and may quiet the squeak.
  2. Taking a light lubricant, spraying it on a towel, and then applying it to the underside of the plastic on your insole may also help eliminate the sound.

Lastly, you can always visit your local REI store and ask a footwear expert if they have any other solutions as well.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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Sprinkle a little baby powder in each boot.

Wow, that is odd and probably very irritating, no clue, but do try the powder and seeing if they need to be trimmed down to size. 

also, you might try troubleshooting by replacing the insoles with some from your tennis shoes or something just to isolate what’s making the squeak

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