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Daypack recommendation for Bataan Death March Marathon

...Need a great pack to make the 26.2 miles walk carrying 40 pounds. What packs do you have that will carry that type of weight. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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@wsanders20 what an awesome challenge! We definitely have packs that will be great for walking a marathon carrying 40lbs, but a few things to consider first:

  1. Will you be carrying anything in addition to the "traditional" marathon gear, like water, food, and an extra clothing layer? Is there anything bulky or oddly-shaped? This will affect the volume of the pack you choose - you can get to 40lbs quickly with really tiny items (meaning the pack can be smaller) or with bigger, bulkier items (which will require a higher-volume pack). Here's an article that may help you hone in on the correct volume.
  2. Are there any specific weather considerations, like super hot/cold or super rainy? This will impact some features you may/may not want, like prioritizing a really breathable back panel or an integrated rain cover.
  3. We'd highly recommend a pack with a wider waist belt to help distribute the 40lbs you'll be carrying, so the entire weight doesn't just reside on your shoulders.
  4. Do you want to use a hydration system or do you plan to carry water bottles? There are pros and cons to both, so if you're not yet decided, this article may help.
  5. Finally, fit really matters for the duration and intensity of what you're doing, so we'd highly recommend getting fit for this pack - if possible, you can book an Outfitting appointment at your local REI store to ensure a proper fit. If you can't, here's an article that may help you fit yourself.

If you are able to reply here with some of the specifics to our questions above, we'd love to provide a handful of daypacks for you to consider! And good luck with this adventure!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@wsanders20 thanks for the additional info you sent via email! Knowing that you'll be carrying nearly 35 pounds of canned food, plus your own food, socks, snacks and water, here are a few day packs we'd recommend. Again, fit will be really important to ensure the pack's weight is properly distributed between your hips and your shoulders and to avoid any chafing.

These packs include a 3L hydration bladder and are slightly smaller:

These packs don't include a bladder but are compatible; they are also slightly bigger, which may be necessary for the bulk of your canned food:

Hope this helps - reach out with any additional questions. And good luck with your marathon!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hate to contradict and I may be missing some detail but personally I would not want to carry ~40# down the street using any of those packs let alone walk 26 miles.  26 mile is a very long way to walk without even considering carrying any kind of load. Thru hikers often do that kind of distance but they have worked up to to it and are typically carrying 30# or less...often much less.

40# is a lot of weight and it is not really daypack territory.  They tend to max out for comfort at about 15# as far as I know.  That is supposedly the optimum for my Traverse 35 daypack. 

Many small to midsize "backpacking" backpacks max out at 30#~40# at which weight they will probably not be particularly comfortable for very long.

Osprey claims 15# to 35# for the Stratos 36 and my guess is that it is not very comfortable much above ~20#-25#. 

The Trail 40 is a nice pack for travel and dayhiking with bulky gear.  We've used them for that but packing for travel is not the same a walking a long distance with a heavy load.

For 40# over that distance you need something more substantial and if its is canned food, something with a decent internal frame and some padding seems wise.  I would attempt it with my old Gregory Baltero 70 with which I have comfortably carried 45# over high Sierra passes although it might not have the right compression for something as dense as canned food. 

It's not a recommendation since I haven't used them but an Osprey Atmos 65 is rated to carry 30# to 50# and is probably comfortable with 40#.  The Osprey Aether 60 is rated for 35# to 60# for a different fit option.  The new Gregory Baltero 65 is rated up to 50#  etc. I'm sure there are others but they are the well know weight carriers.  You may have to pad out the canned food to get it it sit well since they are designed for less dense gear..

I do agree that visiting a store and getting fitted is the best thing to do if that is an option.  It will allow you to try the pack with the intended weight and get an idea of how it will feel.

I also recommend doing some shorter training hikes with the chosen pack and weight before attempting to go that far carrying that weight.