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Can I sync inReach to AllTrails?

Hi, all.

I recently bought a Garmin inReach Explorer+ and wanted to know if it was possible to sync logged points from the Garmin to AllTrails to save hikes/paddles. I know you can connect the Garmin Connect app to AllTrails, but I can't seem to find if that will also sync data from the Earthmate app. I'd rather not having both devices tracking simultaneously.

Thanks for any help you can give!


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As far as I am aware you can only import and export routes and waypoints as files via the online explore.garmin website from the MAP page which has import and export icons on the right hand end of the map toolbar.  You can import .KMZ, KML and .GPX and export in .KML or .GPX format files.  I have done this on a PC with CalTopo.  Possibly you can use these files to sync with AllTrails

The explore.garmin website allows you to sync routes and waypoints to the InReach Phone app which can then sync them with your InReach device.  Similarly you can sync record tracks back from the device to the phone app and to you online map.  (Note. You can also sync and update your device to without a phone via a USB app on a PC.)  This is all a bit clunky so generally I would only use the InReach to record a route. and do navigation elsewhere. 

I don't think any other app can talk the InReach device directly and the the InReach Earthmate app only knows about your device and the online explorer account.

I understand that the true Gamin InReach devices like the 66i and 700i have more navigation options and I believe "Connect" might be involved but I have not used that.




Here ya go:


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@Gary2Do you know that works?  Certainly you can connect the AllTrails account with the Garmin account and it seems the same Garmin login works for "explore" and connect but as far as I can tell you can only share "activities" that way and I don't think InReach Explorer(SD|+) or Mini can create or use "activities" since they cannot be used with the Connect app.  At least I don't see a way to do that with my Mini.

The only way I found was to upload a .gpx file or similar to the AllTrails map