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can i fix/replace broken flash carbon trekking pole?

I broke the bottom telescoping section of one of my REI Flash Carbon trekking poles in half.  I’m wondering if I can buy that replacement part or if there is a good place to try to find people selling used or broken ones.  I broke it my first time using them and I really don’t want to buy new poles.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Thanks for reaching out, although we are sorry to hear that it is because your REI Flash Carbon trekking poles broke. While we do not offer replacement of a section of your trekking pole, we would recommend connecting with your local REI store and asking them if they are selling any of their used gear at the moment or when their next garage sale is. You might be able to find an orphaned pole section that works with the set you have.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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If they’re less than a year old, you could take it back, maybe get it analyzed for possible defects.

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