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Black diamond trail pro shock trekking poles....not fully adjustable ?

I'm hoping someone can answer my question about these poles that i just bought...I'm having a hard time believing they would be designed they way they are operating for me.

The question is:     Are they fully adjustable in length from 68cm to 140cm....or is their length only adjustable between 105 and 140cm     (and of course at 68 cm fully collapsed) ?     And does the lower shaft not lock at all when in the collapsed position ?       

Either i'm doing something wrong....or these have a serious design flaw (my opinion). Tried my new ones for the first time last Saturday, and on a moderately steep trail where i needed a pole of about 90cm in length going up....I could not adjust these to this length. One piece of the marketing literature on REI webpage says these span a length of 68 - 140 cm...another says 105 to 140cm. And, it appears that the lower shaft has no adjustable snap lock or turn lock that i've been able to figure out. It doesn't lock when in it's collapsed position, so when you do get a comfortable length set via adjusting the top shaft, with the lower shaft collapsed....the lower shaft will "catch" on the trail at times and simply pull out of the upper shaft. Are my poles defective (maybe i'm defective) ? Was spoiled for 2 decades with Super Makalus will go back to them if I can find them with shock absorbers.    Thanks for the help here.     Robert


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Hello there @dghike25 !

Sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with your new poles. Here are a few things I can clear up about them.

You are correct that when completely collapsed they are at 68cm. The actual adjustment for use is 105-140cm. 

The lower shaft does have to be completely deployed to lock in place. You should hear a click and the lower shaft should be deployed with the upper shaft in the closed/locked position. Once the lower shaft is deployed, then you can adjust the top shaft to your desired length. 

Here is a helpful video from Black Diamond that might better show what I am attempting to explain.

Hope this helps and you get some use out of your new poles!

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