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Are there socks that are woven in such a way to eliminate the need for a liner sock?

Socks--REI in-store employee said don't use liner socks anymore, that special weave obviates need

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@Tron Another thing to think about related to blisters is something I learned in my Wilderness Medicine (Wilderness First Responder) Training by NOLS. Blisters only form when two things are present at the same time - movement (i.e. friction) and moisture. If you can find a boot that fits your feet snugly (toes at the end of the boot - not scrunched up, but flat up against the end of it; lack of heel slippage; lack of extra space in the side of the boot; ability to tighten laces to prevent foot movement), you can eliminate the movement portion of the equation. Even if your feet are extremely wet/sweaty, you will be able to prevent blisters. I can't tell you the number of times I have walked with wet feet (particularly due to stream crossings and my laziness haha) but have not received a single blister, no matter how many miles I walked. Just a tip for blister prevention, as it's always better to prevent than it is to treat!

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