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Re: Advice on choosing between the Merrell Moab 2 Mid vs. the Asolo Landscape Men's hiking boots

I'm trying to decide between the 2 hiking boots listed above.

Can you tell me the hight of each of the boots? What I'm really looking for is a light, comfortable boot. It will be subject to light hiking at the most. Otherwise I'll be wearing them around town.

I live in the New Orleans area and I'm unable to find a place that sells both so that I can compare them.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


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Hey @Dave711 , 

Thanks for reaching out to us and I think I can help you decide on a boot that will be best for you!

These two boots are the in the same category of footwear so the differences between them will not be drastic but will be noticeable. 

Height: the exact heights of the shoes will be different depending on what size shoe you get but the Asolo Landscape will rise higher over your ankle than the Moab Mid.

Waterproof: The Asolo Landscape uses a GORETEX brand liner and the Merrell Moab uses a M Select Dry Brand. You may find that the GORETEX might be the more breathable option while still keeping you dry.

Weight: The Asolo Landscape is 8 oz lighter (pair) than the Merrell Moab.

Support: They have similar support.

Outsole: They both have Vibram Brand rubber for their outsole. The Asolo Landscape's rubber may be more sticky to give you better grip. 

OVERALL: These shoes are similar and I think they would both work great for light hiking. I think that the Asolo Landscape may be a shoe with better components but you also pay more for those features. I would look at the difference in height, weight, waterproofing, and grip and decide which model and price has more value for your needs. 

Here is a link to an Expert Advice Article to help you decide on hiking shoes. I hope this was helpful and hope you find a pair of shoes that works best for you!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.


Thank you so much for responding via email about the advice you received from @REI-Stefan-D about these boots. We are posting it here in the community so they can see it. Thanks!

"Hello Stefan:

Wow!!! That was a GERAT answer! Thanks for all of the information. You are a wealth of knowledge!
I can now make a VERY informed decision!
You’re the BEST!!!
If I can get a message to your boss, I’ll be happy to give you a glowing review.
Thanks again,
At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi Dave.

I'm sorry for the late reply - I just saw this (on 09-11).
I have experience with the Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator mid.
For years, I've used the Ventilator shoe (not mid).  In recent years, I've had issues with my Achilles tendons, and was recommended to go to the mid height.  I bought a pair back in the early Spring, and was I ever happy.  Merrell has made all of their ventilators much lighter and improved on the insole at the same time.  I was able to do a 15-mile day hike using these without any beak in period.  So, I'd at least consider these if you haven't made a purchase.  If you have, hope what you bought works well for you.

Also, since you live in New Orleans, some good hiking can be found by going up I-59 into Mississippi and hike in the DeSoto National Forest in either the Hattiesburg or Laurel areas.  There's also good hiking just north of Gulfport.  However, I'd wait until non-Summer months to do so.