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Opening for in-store shopping and returns in Sacramento, California

  • Hello, I was wondering when REI would be opening for in-store shopping in Sacramento, California.  The Governor has allowed most businesses to re-open, even dine-in restaurants.  Also, many sports stores that sold food never closed.
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@Alex99 thanks so much for reaching out about Sacramento! Although we are not yet providing specific dates for when each REI store around the country will reopen to the public, we are eager to rejoin our customers and communities in getting outside with great gear! As you may have seen in earlier responses in the community, we are taking a phased approach to expanding our services and are basing our progress on four very important factors:  

  1. Our ability to establish a set of detailed health and safety protocols
  2. Local community readiness
  3. Federal, state and local guidelines and restrictions
  4. Facility and team operational readiness

Because last minute changes can occur, we will not be announcing ahead of time when a specific store is reopening. Instead, all updates to each store's status will be updated on our local store pages and we will try to circle back to individuals here in the community as specific stores reopen! 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Same question for San Diego. Need to return some boots and want to do it in person.


@Chuck thanks for the follow-up question about San Diego. We continue to prepare for stores to reopen in many places across the country but are not yet able to provide specific dates for specific stores. We will keep our local REI store pages updated with the most current information about each store's operations, and will also try to loop back to specific questions here in the community (like this one) as soon as we have updated information to share!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Getting impatient. REI is lagging way behind everybody else on reopening, and refuses to share any information.

I need to return a pair of boots that have been worn (they tore up my daughter's feet on the PCT and she ended up wearing a pair of cheap sandals she found in a hiker box until I could bring her something else). I already payed the cost of a return for an unworn pair, but since these have been worn, I think I need to return them in person. And I don't want to pay another $8.50 for the shipping.

At least allow your stores to accept returns at the drive-up!