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Driver needed for eastern Sierra nevada

Hi. I have a weird need. I have developed a very painful sciatica injury. I have a trip planned w my son on August 10-14 in mono lake and June lake. I am planning to take my motorhome, but I can’t drive it because it hurts to sit. (I can hike all day long, but sitting is a nightmare.).

 Maybe you want to take a backpack or camping trip to that area as well? I am thinking you could drive the RV from LA up there and I would drop you off to a convenient spot where you can backpack in.  There is also the shuttle there, so I can drop you off at the shuttle pick up.  And later, on 10/14, I will pick you up again and you drive us back down the hill to LA area.




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@Moniquitis Hey there! I recommend the John Muir trail 2020 FB Group, there are always conversations about to and from that particular area.

good luck!


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