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Adding Folsom, CA to Locations


My name is Taylor Faye Benedict  and I am the Stewardship and Outreach Coordinator for a Sierra Nevada foothill based environmental non-profit, American River Conservancy. We have had a solid relationship with our local REI for 5+ years now which is based out of Folsom, CA. We have been posting volunteer opportunities based around rafting, hiking, biking, etc. along with our public program hikes through REI for a while and were instructed to redirect our postings to this forum. There are no central valley/ Sierra Nevada foothill locations available to post to and I was hoping that Folsom, or at least Sacramento, California could be added as a location. I would like to continue our postings but it isn't logical to post to LA. Please advise on how to continue! Thanks.

2 Replies

Hi @julie, thank you for your suggestion about adding Central Valley/Sierra Nevada locations!

We are working on a new way to display locations so they're not in a super long drop-down menu. We'll add a bunch of new locations once that's done, Folsom and Sacramento included. For events and locations that you'd like to post about that don't have a "home" board, just make sure you reference the specific location in the subject line and add the location as a label within your post.

Additionally, a big "thank you" to you for the stewardship work that you coordinate, we are looking forward to seeing your posts about it in the community!


Thanks so much James! We appreciate your quick response, and totally understand where you're coming from with the mile long drop-down menu. Sounds like a plan, we will proceed with location references and labels until the "home" location is added. 

It's absolutely our pleasure to fascilitate stewardship events and help bridge the gap between good science and good people. Thanks again for your support and advice! 

Taylor Faye & Julie from American River Conservancy