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Grand Junction hiking partner

I try once again, although finding a hiking partner is extremely hard in todays stay at home world.

I am looking for regular hiking partner in Grand Junction, preferably one that has a positive attitude and loves nature as much as I do. I am looking for someone who is good for 7 to 10 miles with moderate elevation changes. I know of many amazing places to hike, and I really would like to find someone who enjoys nature just as much as I do to share these wonders with, to share a nice view, to share a laugh, not to mention making it safer.

I am retired and I have been hiking regularly, (but my current partner is leaving), so I reach out in hopes I can find another healthy, nature loving person to go hiking with on a regular basis, hopefully two or three times a week.

My current hiking buddy and I have rarely seen anyone out hiking during the last three years that we have been hiking here locally, so I understand it is not a popular activity, but all I need to do is find one amazing person who loves to hike (and has a great attitude) and it'll be all good once again. Does anyone know anyone, or have an idea as to how find someone?

I try again, Tenzin


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@Former community member 

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

We have a couple of users here in the community who are in your general area. We'll tag them to see if they have any ideas or resources that may be able to get you connected with a new hiking buddy. @johnt  @Killua, any ideas? It sounds like you've tried a few options, but many members of our online community have suggested MeetUp Groups or Facebook groups for to find local hiking clubs that may be just the ticket. We're going to move your post to the Grand Junction board in the hopes that someone more local might see your post.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you my friend. I have connected to local groups, and those hikes were always wonderful, but the groups hike on certain days, usually one day a week, no matter the weather; whereas I am hoping to find a hiking buddy who is comfortably compatible to hike with and is available to go hiking more so on the weather's schedule. There's always that perfect hike for the weather that is offered us for that particular day. We actually have some amazing groups here in GJ, and active, basically because it's a wonderful place for both mountain bikers and hikers alike in this area, (we are blessed), but finding a solo hiking buddy is somewhat harder as the more mature people here tend to prefer to hike in larger groups. Anyway, just reaching out and who knows.... 


I wish GJ wasn't so far from BV.  It sounds like we could be pretty compatible in our hiking interests.   I, too, am retired, prefer smaller groups (or solo), and have a taste for adventure and exploration.  GJ hikes are good for that.  Good luck to you.

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Thanks Johnt, enjoy your explorations, and it is too bad because I love dogs! Happy hiking!

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