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Can you bike into the Chicago Basin in the San Juan National Forest?

I am looking at how to get into the Chicago Basin in the San Juan Forest in order to hike the 14ers in the basin. The train is currently closed so I was looking at the purgatory trailhead to get into the basin. Do you know if it is open to bikes? As in would we be able to bike pack our way in or would we have to hike the extra 15 miles. Everywhere I've looked I have not seen anything about bikes and I am wondering if it is because the trail is not open to bikes, or if it is because it's not bikeable.

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Thanks for reaching out!

We moved this post to the Grand Junction board (closest to the Chicago Basin) in the hopes that we could tap into some local knowledge. We'll also tag some folks who may be able to provide some assistance:


Hopefully we can track down the information you're looking for!

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@KatrinaS Chicago Basin lies within the Weminuche Wilderness Area,I believe, and hence no wheeled vehicles like mountain bikes are allowed.

I was in Chicago Basic years ago, accessing the area from the railroad and the trail was fairly decent.  I have no idea of current conditions, but I think one would be just as happy backpacking in as riding a bike.


Here's to a happy and successful trip!

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Ah ok, thank you!

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