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Where to store binoculars

Because I use mine in multiple locations (at home and outdoors) , where is a logical place to store them?

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Hi @Ham1960 - Thanks for reaching out!

We are hopeful some others in the community who have talked about binoculars will be able to share their advice with you. 

@Joe@paulhenry3443@Kato1953@kugelmass@djclark - where do y'all store your binoculars?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.


@Ham1960 - We store our binoculars in the great room, to watch wildlife in the Sonoran Desert. 

My binos are on the kitchen table and are used everyday. 🙂   We (my wife and I) are trying to track banded birds and we can see the front feeders from the kitchen.  We also have a backup pair in the car, in case the normal pair is accidentally left home or if someone needs to borrow a pair on a bird walk.   In the winter time, the birding scope goes into the trunk of the car, since over wintering waterfowl can be seen on local lakes.  

I did make the mistake once of leaving the binos near an AC unit at a hotel, and somehow the blowing air fogged the insides and they had to be sent back to the factory for fixing.   


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