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What is the best way to learn how to use a Garmin 'In Reach'?

Does REI San Diego offer classes or private sessions on how to use Garmin "In Reach?"

Or are there other ways to learn how to use this device?

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@Jha  What about the instruction manual?

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There are a bunch YouTube videos out this from Hiking Guy

or this from Garmin

I have an InReach Mini.  What do want to know?

@Jha Thanks for reaching out!

While we don't currently offer classes on the Garmin inReach, we do have navigation courses that have resumed in some selected areas. If you aren't familiar with navigating with a map and compass we highly recommend taking one of those classes. You can find availability in your area at our REI Classes & Events page. Not only can it provide knowledge that is directly applicable to the backcountry, but it lays the groundwork of skills for using and understanding a GPS.

In terms of the Garmin inReach specifically, there are a couple of options for getting better acquainted:

  • Connecting with a friend who has one and watching them use theirs (this is how I learned the basics of the Garmin inReach).
  • As mentioned before, there is a robust amount of YouTube tutorials available for the Garmin inReach.
  • There may be an outdoor, navigation, or orienteering club in your area that offers classes or one-on-one instruction.

Additionally, we recommend tacking a look at the library of inReach videos on Garmin's website. The can give you a lot of insight into the device and how it works.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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