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Re: Trail Greetings

When on the trail, if just passing by someone and not making aquantaince, I like to say "Happy Miles" or "Happy Hiking". Sometimes if I'm on a down hill and someone is making a particularly brutal uphill, I will tell them that the push is "worth it", for extra motivation. Is this dickish?


What are your trail colloqualisms?

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Your motivation's good, and I think most people will probably get that. 🙂 I'm far from a social person, but even I appreciate good trail etiquette and just nice outdoorsy community feelings, if that makes sense.

Sometimes I get people blithely assuming I'm much less experienced than they are, and that's somewhere between amusing and annoying usually. If you're gonna start giving unsolicited advice, maybe go with a quick "Been up here before?" or such first.

Hiking nearer to Quebec, "Bonjour" often seems appropriate, though then I immediately wonder if my accent's as good as it was in high school. Beyond that, "Good morning," "Good afternoon," and "Have a good one!" are my boring usual greetings.

I don't have any catch phrases other than "howdy" or "good morning/afternoon/evening". I do sometimes throw a bit of encouragement out there when meeting someone heading upslope as I am going down...a quick "you're almost there" is a nice way to share. 

Most of the time, it's Good Morning/Afternoon, have a good hike/ride, or hello. If it's they look like they are having trouble, I try to use a word of encouragement.  That always helps.  

I always at minimum smile and nod at them, but will also say good morning/afternoon/evening.  I like that you say "Happy Miles" or "Happy Hiking."  Also, I feel for the most part encouragement is generally well accepted.  

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

I usually say enjoy!  As there is so much to take in all around you at any given moment.  Enjoy is all encompassing.  Enjoy the journey you know......

I would never just walk past someone, I always say hello, sometimes stop to talk about the weather, trail conditions, etc.. One of my biggest pet peeves is to look someone in the eye, say good morning, and they just blow me off and keep walking, makes me sad.

However, speaking of pet peeves, my biggest complaint are trail runners coming at me from the uphill side when I'm lugging my pack, storming the path and nearly knocking down anyone who doesn't jump off the trail to make way.  One....of.....these....days....

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I usually say hello, hi, good morning/afternoon. Most people will respond and others won't but, at least I make the effort.