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Surviving the Urban South

My best days involved cool temps, dry air, and beautiful surroundings. Now I live in Houston, which has none of the first, very little of the second, and a somewhat twisted version of the third (if imagination is involved). How do you get your outdoor fix in a sweltering urban environment, and what are your tips and tricks for making the best of it?
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Hi! Native San Diegan here who lived in Houston for 2 years...its tricky but there are some gems to enjoy. I'm not a morning person but that is the best time of day to get outside because it's the coolest part of the day. So get up early fill your insulated water bottle with ice and drink of choice then play!

Day trips to Austin and the hill country are a must do to get a taste of slightly cooler temps, float in the river, and a bit more adventure. After that it's a shift in your mindset and that spirit of adventure that'll help you tend that flame. Paddle on the Buffalo Bayou, enjoy a picnic at Discovery Green, cycle through George Bush and Terry Hershey park and camp at Huntsville state park or Brazos Bend. 

Happy southern urban adventuring!

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