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Seeking Sandal Advice

I’m in the market for some new outdoor sandals! Looking for something that has no Velcro (from my experience, the Velcro only lasts a couple of years and then I either have to stitch on new Velcro or just stitch the straps together- all sort of bleh options for me). Also, I would prefer something that fits a narrow foot or is more comfortable for a narrow foot, and has a thick or at least a better support on the sole (I don’t want a "barefoot feel"). I’ve tried Chacos which is the closest I’ve gotten to my above preferences, but unfortunately I can’t wear them for too long because the straps start to make my feet really ache, and I have previous scarring on my foot from the straps so I can only wear them with socks! With my new pair I want to hopefully be able to wear them with or without socks. Also, it would be nice if they could go in water. I know this sounds really picky, but you have any suggestions of where to start (besides Chaco) I’m all ears!! 

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@EmmaWilliams oof, you are definitely looking for something really specific - we'll do our best!

Chacos were the first thing to come to mind, as they are quite supportive underfoot, great for wet conditions, and have no velcro - but, sounds like the webbing hurt your feet.

So, are you willing to consider a closed-toe "sandal", like a Keen Newport or Keen Whisper? These have great support and do really well in wet conditions, have no velcro, and fit most feet really well. If you have a very narrow foot, these can feel a little roomy.

A few other styles you might consider:

We hope this gives you a few ideas!


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I utilize Rainbows for everyday, zeros for backpacking (they have Velcro, but I plan to stich them closed if they wear out) and a Teva-type for camp showers. So many great options. In short, I love my rainbows.