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Re: Seeking feedback on REI events and classes - what have you attended?!

Hey there, I'm newer to REI and the outdoors. I keep seeing events coming up: kayaking 101, first aid, etc.. and I'm wondering who's done what event and how enjoyable it's been? have you done multiple events or are these more 1 time event type events? I'd love to get out, explore the outdoors and meet people... so I'm wondering. 🙂

~L 🙂
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Hi @LucyTitle9 - Thanks for reaching out! 

It's great to hear your interest in REI classes and events! We wanted to tag a few community members that have talked about REI classes in the past.

@LHM@sara@lkiel83@Katherine@raddycar@KikiREI@lnl555 - if you all have taken REI classes in the past, do you have any advice or feedback to share? 


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I'm a lifelong learner, so I've taken many REI classes over the years. I haven't had a bad experience yet!

REI classes come in many different flavors. Some of the classes I've taken have been only an hour or two long and have been held in the community room of my local REI for free or 10ish dollars (an info night on climbing Mt. Shasta and learning basic map and compass navigation).

I'm in the Bay Area and many of the classes I've done were in the field and are actually part how-to class and part adventure (a night photography class/hike at Mission Peak and kayaking near Santa Cruz). These are good for trying out a new activity since REI provides all the gear. 

I also took the wilderness first aid course sponsered by REI and NOLS, a two day class held at a near by regional park. It isn't cheap, but I'd recommend it for anyone who ventures out. 

But my favorite REI class was a s'mores and beer pairing class at a brewery near my local REI many s'mores...

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I've been on almost all of the kayak events offered in the DC area, and they were all fantastic. I've been on day-hikes and a backpacking trip to Shenandoah NP, also fantastic. I sent my daughter to the Map and Navigation class, but what she really liked was fire-starting. I also took many of the free evening classes they held at the local REI (pre-COVID, of course). They were a mixed bag, but if a topic is interesting, try it out.


@LucyTitle9 - I'm so excited to hear your interest in participating in REI classes and events!

As someone who leads/teaches and participates in these classes, it makes me giddy to have people that are newer to the outdoors participate! 

I want to point out that we are now also offering Virtual Classes and Events - check out the amazing line up of events we have coming up. 

I hope you have fun, in whatever capacity you join us!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@LucyTitle9 - Loved kayaking & yoga trip on Catalina Island. Bicycle basics workshop has saved me plenty over the years. Beginning canoeing in Marina Del Rey was a fun date.  Coordinated outdoor trail maintenance & repair efforts are always orchestrated well.