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REI essential business?

I firmly believe that outdoor recreation is essential to the health and well being of my community. Getting outside with the proper gear is the healthiest thing anyone can do. Outdoor recreation should be practiced safely and with the proper gear and knowledge base, something REI has been providing for 82 years. Does REI share the belief that outdoor recreation is vital & essential to the health and well being of the community?

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@dylan3492 thanks for starting this thoughtful topic! We will respond, then move it to a more general board to encourage discussion among other community members.

The co-op community is all about people who agree that a life outdoors is a life well-lived (as you'll notice from our employee signatures here in the community!). As a result of the current pandemic, many folks are not able to enjoy the outdoors in the same way(s) they are used to. We all hope we can get back to "normal" soon and in the meantime, we support the #RecreateResponsibly effort so people can get outdoors if they can, responsibly.

We look forward to hearing how our other community members think about this topic!

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived.