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REI Customer Service - Thank you!

Hi everyone.  I'm not sure that this is necessarily the best board to post this on, but, I think it will be most helpful for those with less familiarity with REI, so that's why I chose to put it here.

I want to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to REI's Customer Service phone team, Kaylee and Julie in particular.  I have been a Co-op member for several years, and have made more purchases than I care to admit, both in-store and online, and have always had very good success.

I recently was ready to purchase bouldering crash pads, and, despite having researched them just days before, none were coming up on the site anymore.  I actually posted about that on the Climbing board.  (Sorry, but I couldn't get the link to cooperate).  The next day they showed up on the site, but I couldn't load them into my cart.

In short, I made a call to REI, and spoke with Kaylee first, and then later, a second call when I spoke with Julie.  It turns out inventory was very low, and at select stores, not the warehouse.  They each helped me to secure the items I needed, arranged the shipping from the individual stores, and honored a coupon code I had.  Both ladies were friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and most of all helpful.  Everything you could ever hope for in a customer service situation.  And this type of service is what I have always experienced with REI.  Obviously, they are doing something right.

Thank you!!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your experience! We will be sure to pass your appreciation on to Kaylee and Julie. We hope you enjoy your new crash pad!

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