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Reaching out

I'm in desperate need of A big tent to live in! I'm a mother just trying to have a place to grieve the loss of my children! My son was murdered 2017 and my daughter passed away February 27th of this year my life has been shattered I can't even come to terms with my loss of both of them I recently became Homeless the loss of my children destroyed me I lost everything even my home! Please 🙏 if anyone can help I'm in need of anything that can do with camping? Thank you so much ♥️

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Navigating homelessness is seldom easy. I can understand why you would reach out desperately for resources.

It's not easy to see all you might need to have to do to manage your life with your present circumstances. May I recommend that you seek help from whatever agencies can offer the limited help that they offer. This is not a time to go it on your own. At least seek help from others you meet who are homeless and see how they have navigated the situation.

You will be living among desperate people and among people who have less than you and may desire anything that you have, including a tent. I have given a couple of tents to homeless people. When I have checked in with them later, both of them had the tents taken from them when they were not able to watch over them. It's a desperate world out there.

There are not many resources, but I implore you to reach out to anyone who will offer you help. Good luck.

There are people that believe in you more than you do right now. They believe in you enough to support you when you don't believe in yourself. Here is hoping for the time when you believe in yourself again. Best wishes.