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Picking up litter on the trail

I recently began hiking regularly, and something I can't help but notice every time I hike is litter left behind on the trail - corners of a granola bar wrapper, water bottles, hair ties... Growing up I was taught to always leave a place better than I found it, so I'm curious how you all go about picking up after others?

So far I've just been barehand grabbing litter and tossing it in a spare plastic grocery bag I keep on-hand, but I'm looking to improve my methods/equipment if there's a better way. Anyone go as far as bringing a trash picker on the trail, maybe using a stuff sack as a receptacle? Teach us your ways!

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Kudos to you for picking up what you can.  I know it can be a pain in the butt and sometimes pretty gross to pick up other peoples trash, but it's the leave no trace mentality that will keep these places wild and available for our enjoyment.  I always bring extra garbage bags if possible or a netted-style bag for my trash and other debris I find along the way on my paddle trips.  Keep up the good fight 

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